Living Universal Values

Who We Are

The Institute of Living Universal Values (LUV), the Northern Colorado Vedanta Society, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of universal moral and spiritual values and to promoting interfaith education and cooperation.

Helga Bluemel (Pravrajika Akhanda-prana) a monastic and experienced minister of the Vedanta Society, is the spiritual leader. Pr. Akhanda-prana is the creator of the classes and most of the materials presented in the ceremonies. Melissa Shay and Sivea Key are the organizers and moderators for most of the classes. Melissa is the tutor coordinator at Front Range Community College and is experienced in leading relaxation workshops. Sivea Key is a small business owner and has experience moderating meetings.


Our nascent dream of a sustainable village in the Fort Collins/Loveland area is beginning to take shape through donors in the LUV 1000 fund (a starter fund for Mas House). Anyone seriously interested in creating a new neighborhood, whether in an individual home, independent living "efficiency" with shared common space, or in a shared house should contact Sivea Key.


We plan to focus our outreach efforts on practitioners of Vedic-based spiritual paths who would like to share meditation and, possibly, Sunday services. To help these folks find our group, we are adding the phrase "The Northern Colorado Vedanta Society" wherever our name appears in print: We are also seeking to inform the broader community of the roots of our group via media exposure.

For the first time, we will be participating in the Colorado State University Welcome Faith Fair (SEE Events). We would like to establish a lunchtime meditation group at CSU or Front Range Community College this year. Possibly in an office park as well. After all, everyone needs time to gather themselves and recharge their energy!

Those who would like to help implement these dreams and goals are welcome. Let us know in what way you would like to participate: InstituteOfLUV (at) comcast (dot) net or 970-484-1733