Weekly Discussions

Discuss Big Ideas

Here are links to virtual talks hosted by the Institute of LUV and Swami C. Join us for discussions about philosophy, readings and other topics. Zoom links will only work during their time slot for a live connection.

Meditation Group

A weekly gathering with Vedic chanting, prayer and meditation. Optional: bring a reading or topic to share with the group.

Join online, or in-person at Sivea’s house in Fort Collins, CO. Contact Us for directions.

Sundays, 10:30AM Mountain Time

God as Mother

Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi

This class will delve into the spiritual teachings of Sri Sarada Devi. Content will be drawn from several books on Holy Mother’s life and teachings. Special emphasis will be placed on Mother’s inner life and teachings to her close devotees.

mondays, 6PM Mountain Time

Mining the Real

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

The class is a discussion oriented investigation around themes of spirituality as applied to daily life. Its goal is to inspire our nature of love into action and community. The class does not promote any spiritual ideal over another but rather seeks to fan the flames of existing growth within each of us.

tuesdays, 7pM Mountain Time

Advaita Vedanta


This class covers the book by Sri Nisargadatta, an illumined teacher from Bombay, India. The discussion is practical practice oriented and focuses on nurturing ones own spiritual practice. Honest questions and discussions are strongly encouraged. The teachings follow the path of Jnana Yoga (the Path of Knowledge). No particular belief system is necessary.

Thursdays, 9AM Mountain Time

Vedic Christianity

The Way of a Pilgrim

This study is a look at the Christian mystics through the lens of the Sanatana Dharma. It employs a combination of wisdom from the world’s traditions to more deeply understand the lives and teachings of saints inspired by Jesus.

Thursdays, 7PM Mountain Time

The Path of Knowledge

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

A reading of the Zen classic with insights from the Path of Knowledge. A focus on daily life and perspectives of being is built in conjunction with various wisdom traditions.

Class completed