Living Universal Values

A New Trinity

The Institute of Living Universal Values is coming up through the efforts of several "founding mothers." Men are also welcomed to join in our efforts, but there is a special feminine energy coming through, for which we offer no apology. For thousands of year, women and children the world over have cried for peace and wisdom.

A "new trinity" is now at work.

The oldest part of the new trinity is the ancient Goddess—largely unknown. This is because so many of her traditions came before the advent of writing. Many depictions of unknown goddesses can be found in museums around the world, reminding us of a time when they lost power, were desecrated and reduced to ruins such as the Greek goddess shown above right. At the same time, women lost their say and were kept uneducated.

Violence, narrow mindedness and slavery were sings of the times. The Goddess deserves an apology and needs to be restored to a new level today. The origin Germanic word for God—Guth—was actually used for He, She or It—the Good—the Totality.

The second part of the new trinity is the Statue of Liberty of the USA. She was a gift from France and is actually a "daughter" of the ancient European sun goddesses. Her crown is the sun, she holds a flaming torch in one hand and a book in the other. She is a true symbol of the Light as mentioned in the description of our logo, and she also symbolizes life, liberty, wisdom and fairness.

Actually, such ideals have been found in many ancient goddess traditions. There is much soul searching in parts of the United States today, and the Goddess is trying to rise from the ashes of hell. Hel was actually an ancient northern European goddess whose name means "shining, clear, bright, intelligent and sacred." She has a sister goddess Holle of the underworld and together they comprised the totality of the upper and lower worlds, like an ancient ying yang.

The third part of the new trinity is Sri Sarada Devi, also known as the Holy Mother who lived from 1853-1920 in India. Her life was extraordinary because she truly lived it in accordance with her last dying words, "If you want peace, my child, look not to the fault of others. Look to your own faults. Learn to make the whole world your own. No one is a stranger, my child. The whole world is yours."

The Divine Feminine has tried to say the same thing throughout the ages—but we do not listen. Every single one of us has a mother, and the Universal Mother was the original source of universal values.

Until she is restored and honored we cannot be healed, we cannot be whole and we cannot have peace.