Spiritual Retreats

The next local weekend retreat is scheduled for May 30th – June 3rd in Crestone, CO. NOTE: This retreat is full. Plan on joining us in September 19th – 23rd! Contact us if you are interested in more information or want to attend!

Reflect, Pray, Meditate

On the second Sunday of each month Swami Chidbrahmananda leads day-long retreats (on hold for warmer weather). In the spring and fall he offers a multi-day retreat at different locations in the Rocky Mountains. Contact LUV for more information.

Our retreats are peaceful and intimate, and usually include discussions, readings, meditating, singing, mealtimes, and a walk at a nearby park. Bring your questions and thoughts for an illuminating discussion.

Weekend Retreats

Two times a year, we retreat to a beautiful mountain lodge to find renewal amidst nature and community.

Colorado Mountain Retreat Schedule:

  • May 30th -June 3rd, Crestone, CO
  • September 19th – 23rd, Foothills, CO

Swamiji’s Roaming Retreats (organized by other groups):

  • March 14th – 31st, Switzerland & Rome
  • May 10th – 17th, Corrales, NM
  • June 23rd – 29th, Washington DC

Contact us for more details.

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Check out some photos from our previous retreats!