Living Universal Values

About Our Logo

The seven pointed sun (or star) is a traditional symbol found in several cultures. It is the crown of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, who is the "daughter" of the ancient European sun goddess.

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The seven points represent the seven continents and seven seas. At one time it was thought that there were seven planets and planes of existence. According to Yoga, there are seven energy centers or chakras in the human body. Thus, the seven pointed sun is a wonderful symbol for the Universal Light within, without and all pervasive.

There are seven days in a week (based on the old 28 lunar day month). Each day we can try to remember the Light from which all things come, to which all things return and which sustains us through the joys and sufferings of life.

The Institute of Living Universal Values shall seek to find ways to live and promote such values from the seven continents and seven seas. We can all start by learning the ‘peace chant’ and chanting it as much as possible!