Living Universal Values

Goals and Obstacles

Life and religion have two aspects: timeless values and timely traditions.

The timeless values, or moral and spiritual values, are common to all traditions.

The timely traditions are customs, rituals, symbols, and practices which are appropriate to a certain time, place and situation. People have a tendency to get too attached, dependent or addicted to limited traditions. They will even kill each other in order to preserve and honor "their own" (gang, terrorist and fanatic behavior).

Our goal is to minimize fanatic behavior and maximize universal selfless behavior—"Learning to make the whole world our own." This can be done by promoting the "Ten Timeless Values of Life and Religions."

Ten Timeless Values of Life and Religions:

  1. Stop, take a deep breath and just be.
  2. Be thankful for something visible; something invisible. Feel the Oneness.
  3. Be a trustee of the earth. Try to be honest and sincere.
  4. Be non-violent, forgiving, peaceful - first to yourself. Then allow others "to be". To err is human.
  5. Be thoughtful and committed about goals and learning.
  6. Be patient, taking one step at a time to overcome obstacles.
  7. Be intelligent and examine the opposite forces of life, change and how things work.
  8. Be realistic. Do what you can and let go when it is time.
  9. Be loving. Share and serve. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  10. Be happy. Know that you are never alone. Practice finding deep joy in the present moment, whatever you are doing. Deep joy is forebearing.