Help Us Keep Our Mission Going

Mission Statement: Institute of Living Universal Values, the Northern Colorado Vedanta Society, is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the development of universal moral and spiritual values and to promoting interfaith education and cooperation.

Monetary donations are generally tax deductible and will be used to fund Swami C and Vedanta work here in Colorado.

Donate Online

Donate by Check

Checks payable to Institute of Living Universal Values can be mailed to:

Institute of Living Universal Values
PO Box 271399
Fort Collins, CO 80527-1399

Institute of Living Universal Values is a 501(c)(3) charitable religious organization. Our EIN is 76-0750245. Donations made to the organization are tax deductible except for payment for services rendered such as the costs of attending a retreat.

Kroger Donations

For years participants in the Kroger Rewards program have helped LUV with day-to-day expenses. This is an invitation to join us and help fund seasonal celebrations and Swami Chidbrahmanada with living expenses as well as his work, like monthly day retreats, regular weekend retreats, online classes and outreach.

If you have a member card to one of the many Kroger stores all you need to do go online to your store’s website, look for “My Account” then “Community Rewards”, and link your card to Institute of Living Universal Values (DQ619) as the organization you wish to donate to.

Once you sign up, you don’t have to do anything except use your Kroger-affiliated loyalty or rewards card when you get groceries. You can even just punch your phone number into the keypad at the checkout – no extra card to carry! (A loyalty card gives you sale prices and digital coupons discounts at the grocery store.)

Kroger stores are all over the country and include:

Smith’sKing SoopersFry’s
QFCCity MarketOwen’s
Jay CPay LessBaker’s
GerbesHarris TeeterPick ‘n Save
Metro MarketMariano’sFred Meyer