About the Institute of LUV

The Leadership

Sivea Key

Sivea is a small business owner and has been associated with
Vedanta all her life. Her mother, Joan Chadbourne, inspired by
example. Every home had an altar and to her, no one was a
stranger. Everyone was part of her family.

Swami Chidbramananda (Swami C)

One Spirit Center

Swami Chidbrahmananda is a vedantist monk of the Ramakrishna Order. He has studied and lived with monks from a variety of traditions and is deeply interested in the essence of spiritual life and the effectiveness of spiritual practice.

Melissa Shay

Melissa Shay is a retired small business owner and educator. She became involved in
Vedanta after she asked then-neighbor Sivea for help in meditating. Melissa was (and still
is) attracted to Vedanta because of the multifaith acceptance that she has experienced
throughout her years with LUV.

We have no organization, nor want to build any. Each one is quite independent to teach, quite free to teach, whatever he, or she likes. If you have the spirit within, you will never fail to attract others…. Individuality is my motto. I have no ambition beyond training individuals. I know very little; that little I teach without reserve; where I am ignorant, I confess it. I am a Sannyasin. As such, I hold myself as a servant, not as a master, in this world.

Inspired Talks of Swami Vivekananda


The Institute of Living Universal Values (LUV) was started by a small group of folks in the Northern Colorado area who had ties with the Vedanta Society. Sivea Key, devoted to Sri Sarada Devi and Sri Ramakrishna, incorporated LUV as a nonprofit organization in 2004. Pravrajika Akhandaprana, a nun of the Ramakrishna order, developed the materials for our seasonal celebrations and is currently the resident monastic at the Ramakrishna-Sarada Vedanta Center of Phoenix.

Over the years this group has been connected with a number of monastics and teachers. Currently, Swami Chidbrahmananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna order, is leading retreats as well as local and online classes.


The Institute of Living Universal Values, the Northern Colorado Vedanta Society, is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the development of universal moral and spiritual values and to promoting interfaith education and cooperation.